where biking is vital




Biking in a new city sounds like a big adventure. It is adventureous since you are about to explore an unknown place but using a bike in Budapest is becoming as common as getting on the next bus. But why would you spend time on waiting in a bus stop, getting stuck in a traffic jam if you can rent a bike and enjoy freedom that biking can give you?

More reasons to bike in and out of Budapest? Please keep on reading:

Budapest is a large city, spread around enough, that is a reason why:

  • walking all around would take a few days ending up with blisters on your feet,
  • by using only public transports you can miss interesting parts of the city and spending more that you planned
  • by bike you can plan your route, time, see more on the way
  • and needless to say but biking is good for your body, your mind
  • the enviroment by choosing a green alternative of transportation
  • And by renting a bike and cycling you make the roads a little bit safer for every cyclist out there!  So you are unnoticeably and super cooly help the local cycling community to grow

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