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We all started our devotion to bikes at the age of 4-5. Forget the training wheels, we all used fixed-gear bikes. After a few scars, missing teeth and a bump-start we realized, we were biking and soon it was hands off, jumps, and downhills. Summer rides, off road paths, fixing flat tires. “Are there different tube sizes?” Yes, there are! We realized this by trying to force a 28” tube into a 26” tire. Forgive us, we were only in primary school

University years opened new perspectives: cycling in the city. “Cycling in Budapest? Are you nuts?” Maybe 10 years ago, yes, we were nuts, but we had tasted the freedom that biking gives people. Distances became doable: an 1 hour trip to the city turned to 10 minutes, and there were no more worries about missing your night bus connection. But still bike paths were far from sufficient.

University is over and we are still biking: Hungarian landscapes on bike – lowlands, lakes, hills, vineyards and more vineyards and we were still finding vineyards and did not leave the country! Complementing micro breweries and pálinka houses.

Tents up, fire place, carousing all night. Or just a casual picnic on Margareth Island or a weekend getaway. More bike trips! Hop on a boat – by bike. Get on the train. Of course, by bike.
In our working years, we guided travellers around the city, in the country, on foot, by bike. We tried other bike tours and explored other cities and countries by bike Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, London. Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, we have experienced them all.

We started to miss something. But why? We were still happy on bikes, and we were still happy guiding visitors around. Maybe because we became more mature, more independent that little voice inside kept on repeating: “do it yourself“ and “we can“. Combine tourism and biking the way it should be done: focus on quality and convenience.

So here we are, dear traveller! Budapest is bustling with bike riders, the power of the Critical Mass made the city more and more bike-friendly and if you try to ride beyond the city borders, rely on us.

Check our services and give it a chance. You won’t regret it.

It looks like what comes around, goes around.

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